Now! That’s Primary Blogging Volume Thirteen

1. Progress in number from EYFS to Y2, via @ShrekTheTeacher:

2. Do we need a scheme of work for primary computing? Courtesy of @bekblayton:

3. Primary assessment and what remains to be done, via @michaelt1979:

4. SEN framework changes and the implications for all teachers, via @ChrisChivers2: and also the impact of language-rich environments:

5. Planning for transition, via @prawnseye:

6. A glossary of questions, courtesy of @imagineinquiry:

7. Primary computing in the new curriculum, courtesy of @primarypete_:

8. Transition, via @johnnywalker_edu:

9. The flipped classroom: online peer-assessment and collaboration, courtesy of @ChrisWaterworth:

10. Being positive with your class, courtesy of @readingthebooks:

11. My most memorable lessons, via @dianekenny:

12. Music with Lego, via @nancygedge:

13. Six accountability measures for UFSM, via @ajjolley:

14. Unpacking the primary assessment and accountability reforms, via @giftedphoenix

15. Why do we remove freedom in learning as children get older? Via @imagineinquiry:

16. The inspector came to call, courtesy of @cherrylkd:


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