Now! That’s Primary Blogging Volume Eleven

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Welcome to the final Now! Primary Blogging of this term. I hope it’s been useful and / or interesting to at least a few people. Here are this week’s posts:

1. RAISEonline made clear, via @MaryMyatt:

2. Schools are losing what used to matter and are worse for it, courtesy of @nanncygedge:

3. Ofsted, data and RI schools, via @IcingOnCakeBlog:

4. The countdown to the end of levels, courtesy of @ClassrmMonitor:

5. Why levels need to be replaced, via @daisychristo:

6. Don’t let teaching take everything else away from your life, via @tstarkey1212:

7. The inequalities offered by a private education, courtesy of @jon_brunskill:

8. Getting transition right, via @prawnseye:

9. Are the unions defeating themselves, via @secretteacher6:

10. When partnership is more than just a name, via @ThePrimaryHead:

11. Teaching_ a great career? Courtesy of @anhalf:

12. Using social media in primary schools, via @bekblayton:

13. CPD taken truly seriously, courtesy of @ChrisMoyse:

14.  The power of involving children in their learning, via @BethBudden:

15. KS2 tests post 2016, via @michaelt1979:

16. Differing approached to problem solving, via @MrNickHart:

17. The flipped primary classroom, via @ChrisWaterworth:

18. Primary assessment and accountability, via @warwickmansell:

19. Book scrutiny- the new lesson observation? Courtesy of @MissDCox:

20. Can childhood really be left to grey men? Via @ChrisChivers2:

21. The importance of working with parents, via @nancygedge:

22. Relationships and why they are at the centre of prinary schools’ work:

23. Using Twitter to share and develop ideas and resources, via @PrimaryIdeas:

24. Through schools: might they become more prevalent? Courtesy of @LeadingLearner:

25. The importance of reading in improving literacy, via @CarbisRichard:

26. A rare primary MFL post, courtesy of @JanetLloydnet:


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