Now! That’s Primary Blogging Volume Ten

This week’s movers and climbers:
1. Seven questions to ask of any new assessment system, via @michaelt1979:

2. The problem with looking at outcomes in the EYFS, via @Sue_Cowley:

3. Don’t give up when the job gets tough, via @theprimaryhead:

4. Using selfies to celebrate learning in school, via @OhLottie:

5. What is teaching really like? Via @secretteacher6:

6. How learning in the EYFS really works, via @Sue_Cowley:

7. The importance of relationships in teaching, via @quiet_voices:

8. In support of teachers, via @UgglyMuggly:

9. The importance of being trusted by children, via @cherrylkd:

10. Getting children to do without forcing compliance on them, via @nancygedge:

11. Replacing levels, via @ChrisChivers2:

12. Motivating children to write, via @secretteacher6:

13. Accountability and what it has done for teaching, via @chemistrypoet:

14. Assessing without levels, via @daisychristo:

15. Does baseline testing in Reception have to be a negative, courtesy of @SimonKnight100:

16. The importance of a caring Head, via @cherrylykd:

17. More on baseline testing in Reception, via @szdar:


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