Now! That’s Primary Blogging Volume Nine

The week’s compendium of primary and primary-related posts:

1. Maths marking and feedback, via @MrNickHart:

2. Trying to get transitionright, via @prawnseye:

3. Assessment in the primary school, via @michaelt1979:

4. The end of ASTs and the implications for teachers’ professional learning, via @anhalf:

5. Simplfying planning, via @ HTBruce:

6. More than schools, via @ nancygedge:

7. The new primary maths curriculum- good or bad? Via @ShrekTheTeacher:

8. iPads in the classroom, via @Chriswaterworth:

9. @AlisonMPeacock and learning without limits, via @tim_jumpclarke:

10. Somebody’s child, courtesy of @Sue_Cowley:

11. Via @SimonKnight100, how should the Pupil Premium be used in special schools?

12. Why experience counts, via @diankenny:

13. Reasons for striking, via @secretteacher6:

14. If Alan Partridge was an education guru, via @ChrisChivers2:

15. The power of praise, via @teacher_mummy:

16. Learning to read, reading to learn, via @prawnseye:

17. Alternative approaches to guided reading, via @TemplarWilson:

18. Making guided reading work, via @anhalf:

19. The flipped classroom and what OFSTED made of it, courtesy of @ChrisWaterworth:

20. Whiteboard walls, via @wellylearning:


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