Now! That’s Primary Blogging Volume Eight

This week’s mix tape of primary and primary-related blogs.
1. Cut down on workload with Live Planning, via @prawnseye:
2. Why every child has the capacity to be a mathematician, via @emmaannhardy:
3. How best do we manage other adults in the classroom, via @teacher_mummy:
4. Standing up for education so that teachers are taught well and teachers are treated fairly, via @diankenny:
5. Three posts via @ChrisChivers2:
Schools’ responsibilty to make quality first SEND provision:
How SEN reform alone will not change outcomes for children:
Background reading to SEN reforms:
6. Alternatives to standard practices in primary assessment, via @ChrisWaterworth:
7. Planning your school offer in readiness for the 2014 SEN reforms, via @Mishwood1:
8. Taking the art of lesson observations further by taking away judgements, via @primaryhead1:
9. Accountability: driving improvement or driving teachers away from the profession? Via @secretteacher6:
10. Getting it right with parents as a head, via @moorelynne1:
11. Addressing new curriculum anxiety, via @michaelt1979:
12. The transition from primary to secondary, mainstream to special school, via @nancygedge:

13. Via @tim_jumpclarke, Dr Steve Peters and the chimp paradox:

14. Providing genuine contexts in which to set children’s learning, via MrsPTeach:

15. Dealing with bullying when the bullies aren’t children, via @theheadsoffice:

16. What is inclusion and who does it benefit? Via @nancygedge:


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