Now That’s Primary Blogging Volume Four

So here is Volume Four, a few more posts than normal included on account of half-term. Please send this on and help to spread the brilliance that exists amongst primary bloggers!

1. Cohesion in the Teaching of Writing, via @michaelt1979:

2.Improving children’s writing, from @ChrisChivers2:

3. Debut blog on the demands and rewards of teaching, courtesy of @nicewens:

4. The problems associated with rewarding children’s behaviour, via @MooreLynne1:

5. Be true to yourself when you teach, via @HeyMissSmith:

6. Indicators of an outstanding lesson, via @MaryMyatt:

7. @HeyMissSmith again: this time, the problem with grading teachers:

8. Context-free writing- a strategy for increasing engagement, via @prawnseye:

9. From @Sue_Cowley, the rights and wrongs of baseline testing in Reception:

10. @nancygedge and how to go about getting the behaviour you want from children:

11. Promoting school and class Twitter accounts, via @RachelOrr:

12. The importance of resilience in learning, courtesy of @ChrisChivers2:

13. Lines we have all at least thought of using in the classroom, via @ClassroomTruths:

14. @InstinctiveMum on losing sight of why children are at school:

15. Getting children outside, via @ugglymuggly:


3 thoughts on “Now That’s Primary Blogging Volume Four

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for a positive outlook. I couldn’t agree more. If every teacher took on board all the new things you we’re supposed to do then teachers would all be the same and children would be bored!

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