Now That’s Primary Blogging Three

And so another Friday arrives. Like the day itself, this post comes without fanfare, just the quiet announcement that contained within are some of the primary-related blogging highlights of the past week. Should you happen to read or write anything you would like shared in next week’s Volume Four then let us know via Twitter (@prawnseye) or email

1. Taking control of lesson observations, via @PrimaryHead1:

2. The limiting nature of Success Criteria for writing, via @prawnseye:

3. Opposing baseline tests in Reception, via @juliangrenier:

4. Being an NQT via @jade_thomas2011

5. @primarypete_ on resource sharing via #oneresource:

6. The need for children to spend more time playing outdoors, via @ugglymuggly:

6. Via @greyengine, using picture and story books in maths:

7. What does meaningful engagement look like? Via @HeyMissSmith

8. New curriculum FAQs, via @michaelt1979:

9. The importance of getting KS2 / 3 right via @JAMingay:

10. Primary teachers: too busy to blog? From @nancygedge:

11. Much good on Universal Free School Meals for infants, via @ajjolley:


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