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If you only read one thing tonight…

Here it is: our second attempt to distill the week’s (mainly) primary-related blogs into a single, manageable post. Many of these will be familiar; all of them are helpful, interesting or in some way useful.

1. Primary bloggers to follow:

2. Improving teaching through peer coaching:

3. An alternative to assessing with national curriculum levels:

4. The impact of partnerships:

5. The advantages of working in inner-city schools:

6. The future of accountability
and the demise of OFSTED:

7. Does AFL damage learning?

8. The problem with OFSTED:

9. Open letters to Tristram Hunt:


New Mail for Mr Hunt

Dear Mr Hunt,
Doubtless you’ve had a busy few days, what with reading all the letters you’ve received recently; I shan’t keep you for long.

So many people have so very much to say to you about our schools, our teachers, our children- could we perhaps meet to discuss their manifold concerns?

I’ve had a quick look at my diary for the next three weeks: I’m afraid mornings aren’t going to be possible- I need to be working by 7.00 am; evenings aren’t great either with marking and planning, as I’m sure you can imagine (and I’m busy on Fridays); and weekends are also a bit of a problem as it’s always nice to keep at least most of one day for family.

So, I guess that leaves us looking at half term.Oh, hang on…


The Reading List: posts and links that have interested and helped us this week

Following the precedent set by @RachelOrr and @michaelt1979 among others, here follows an attempt to group together some of the best and most interesting posts and links we have discovered or even rediscovered through Twitter this week.Although numbered, this is not a Top of the Pops-style chart!


1. Curriculum change by @michaelt1979

2. ‘Extreme Marking’ by @tstarkey1212: will resonate with many:

3. The importance of reflecting on our own practice by @HuntingEnglish:

4. A head’s experience of OFSTED by @AndyMellor64:

5. @HeyMissSmith on the importance of relationships in teaching:

6. More on a similar theme by @nancygedge:

7. What is an engaging lesson? A good question asked by @hgaldinoshea:

8.Introducing the new maths curriculum by @greyengine:

9: More from @michaelt1979, this time on assessment post- national curriculm levels:

10. Advice on securing a job from @headguruteacher:

11. @secretteacher6 asks how long we should stay in the profession:

12. The folly of working too hard via @mike_gunn

13.  Reducing teacher talk by @shaun_allison:

14. What now for lesson observations? From @Mary Myatt:


1. The Five Sentence Challenge:

2. Involving men in children’s writing:

3. Networking and Collaboration:

4. Work / life balance:

5. Leadership and assessment resources:

6. Maths resources:

Just a small selection of what has been round and about this week but hopefully of help or interest. Roll on next week!